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Green TechnologiesEdit

There is worldwide interest in green technologies and clear opportunities for licensing and new ventures in the field. However, this is a broad area – where are the opportunities for university technologies? We illustrate via an example of a success story from Finland.
Jochen Moesslein Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Antti Pasanen Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Software applications and innovationsEdit

Universities generate huge amounts of innovative software applications – which can be licensed or used as the basis of a business. However, the core IP is much more ‘fragile’ than in the case of (say) biotech – and commercialisation far more difficult. Here we learn about and discuss two very different ways of managing such projects – ‘open source’(low investment) and ‘new venturing’ (high investment).
David Harnett Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Jari J. Rantala Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Licensing bits and piecesEdit

Some inventions are too small to market by themselves - for example antibodies and software. How can we use external parties to bundle and consolidate such fragmented IP, thereby achieving economies of scale and commercializing technologies that may otherwise sub-critical? Is this ‘bundling’ best left to the private sector?
Stephen Potter Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
James Houston Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Applications and marketsEdit

TTOs receive more disclosures than they can possibly handle – on the basis of very little (and usually optimistic) information you have to assess – under pressure - which to pursue and which to reject. How are these decisions made in practice? Based on members concrete experience we show how to identify applications and make realistic market estimates
Karen Laigaard Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Gavin Spencer Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

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