A view from outside

Dear All,

Let me introduce myself, I am DidierQC (well you are right, that means Didier from Quebec), and I work in technology transfer for a University in the Quebec Province in Canada (actually an interesting model you will perhaps have an interest in hearing from ...).

I am curious about technology transfer activities in Europe. I hear a bit when sharing with colleague at AUTM meetings, but perphaps not enough to get the real sound of it.

Such as yours, my playground is the world. We got deals in Asia-Pacific (where most active places for us is Japan-Korea- Australia), as well as certainly Canada and US. While we have many prospects, and some deals in Europe, not sure of the conventions nor the use of the industry to actually have commercial deals with universities or research institutions. Without particular cases, I would appreciate your feedback on the way European companies approaches to licensing-in deals, especially on the financial consideration side. A perception I somewhat have (also true with very large companies here) is that there is a trend that the cost to access technologies is the financial contribution to projects ... period (by opposition to sharing the value it actually creates).

An additional topic is how do you approach (and financially manage) the business development outside your countries?

Looking foward to reading you and sharing with you.


DidierQC 18:51, 1 April 2008 (UTC)

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