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Freedom to operateEdit

When evaluating the potential of an invention, a FTO-search is one of the first thing to do. Learn all about the importance of a good search, get the tips and the tricks for an optimal patent position and find out which warranties on FTO are save to provide when licensing out.
Dominic DeGroote Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Sue Scott Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Pricing your offeringEdit

How do you know how much to ask for a technology? The (e)valuation process is a complex task, involving issues such as commercial analysis, financial analysis, profile of the inventor, stage of the development, and many more elements. Is it possible to develop "the roadmap to a correct pricing"?
Kevin Cullen Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Alan Lamont Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

Valuation & deal structureEdit

One of the perennial problems facing any TTO is the valuing technologies and devising a deal structure that provides the right incentives and fair return to the parties. Based on members concrete experience we illustrate how these issues are resolved in practice.
Clotilde Turleque Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)
Jeff Skinner Presentation (ASTP members restricted access)

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